Active Shooter Class for Civilians

The active shooter course is designed to offer the average citizen an escape plan. We show what you will never hear from the media. We will discuss how terrorism and the active shooter present the same dangers to the citizen. We show what to expect from a police response, how to barricade and what to prepare for as the police conduct their rescue missions. Explosives and how to react when you are faced with that possible danger.

We will show and demonstrate the weapons used by the terrorists in attacks such as Beslan, Mumbai, Paris and San Bernardino. We have taught over 2000 police, military and citizens in this course. You will hear from witnesses and see tactics used in past attacks by active shooters and terrorists. We will discuss the difference and why America is the favorite target or as ISIS say “American blood is sweeter”.


We do offer a shooting component in our Virginia location only for the active shooter class. All other locations for the active shooter course will receive a SIRT component. The shooting and SIRT component is an extra charge and range fees may apply.

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Active Shooter/Terrorism for Corporations Worldwide

The classroom is similar to the citizens course, however, it is geared to your business and your locations. We will work with your administrators and security teams to establish the best plan for your business. We can and have established plans for several facilities to include hospitals. We can show you the best panic systems and CCTV systems. We will train your personnel to train other employees (Train the Trainer Program).

This program is geared to meet your needs no matter how small or large your company we will work with you. Call or email for our program and prices. OUR INSTRUCTORS ARE CERTIFIED IN ACTIVE SHOOTER RESPONSE AND AS INSTRUCTORS. OUR INSTRUCTORS HAVE EXPERIENCE IN ACTUAL SITUATIONS. LEARN FROM THE EXPERIENCED!

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