Pegasus is designed to present the average citizen with the tools needed to protect themselves. As our nation faces increasing challenges to law enforcement the need is greater for the citizen to be armed and trained in self-protection. Every instructor is prior/current military or retired law enforcement.

Church and Synagog Security Planning Program

Security Evaluation

– Pegasus Instructors are not only trained in active shooter/terrorism and threat recognition but we are experienced. Our instructors are trained gunfighters who have been in battle. Military trained to include: Nuclear Weapons Security, Small Arms Experts, Airborne, Air assault, Ranger school and Green Beret training. As police officers, tactical (SWAT), K9, Active shooter instructors. Our instructors hold Combat Cross Medals, Life Saving Medals, Air Force and Army Combat Ribbons. U.S. Marine Corps Heavy Weapons Specialties and are certified in Krav Maga. We continue to train. Our instructors do not stop learning! Our instructors have trained in schools such as: Blackwater, Sig Academy and many other training grounds.

– Security planning -this includes a security survey from Pegasus. We will walk the campus and make security recommendations. Where are you vulnerable? How do you move money from one location to another? Are your safe zones safe? Are your children’s areas secure? How to recognize danger.

– Lighting – Pegasus will do a light lumen survey which will be used to address security blind spots.

– Alarms- Fire and panic alarms especially in the areas of the nursery.

– Firearm Training for Armed Programs- This is a must if you have an armed program. We make the training as real as it can be performed. Each security officer will be placed under stress. Each security team member will be trained to distinguish between hostile targets and non-shoot targets.

– Unarmed Security Response- Security will be trained in evacuation, basic first aid response, and clearing potential fatal funnels.

– De-escalation- the most important aspect of armed response is when to know when and where to pull the firearm. Our de-escalation program is based on years of law enforcement and security experience. Your staff will be trained in what to say and how to establish boundaries while dealing with unruly people.

– Civil Liability- What is the liability around having a security team? Are you training your team? Dealing with law enforcement and attorneys- we offer our trainer who is an attorney to address this and many more questions.

– Protecting Children and Infants- if an estranged parent comes to claim their child or children, what is the church to do? How will you react? Yes, you will need a staff that is not afraid to confront! A lost child is not the problem to have for the church or the community.

– Building Layout- Churches are designed for church not security, therefore, security experts have to work with a layout that may not be ideal. We will walk the building and grounds with your security director, pastor or whoever you designate. This is apart of
the survey plan.

– Active Shooter Education – Run , Hide (Barricade), Fight- Dealing with an active shooter can occur anywhere. Don’t live in the “It Can NEVER Happen Here, America”! No victim of crime believes they will die that day.

– Sanctuary Protection- Are your security members spaced out or do they sit where they want? If it is the second choice then you are in trouble.

– Armed Security Training will include: A shooting qualification score and program, a shoot don’t shoot scenario program via computer realization training.

– Tactical deployment of security before, during and after the service.

Our prices are based on the church or synagog size. How many people attend? How large is the Campus? Each religious facility must allow a 2 day minimum. Our professionals must observe the highest attended weekly service. Each church or synagog can pick what they feel they need but we strongly recommend the entire program. Pegasus will return every year to review the security plan for a small fee. Each fee does not include travel costs.


Basic Courses


Learning basic skills necessary for the safe use of a pistol or rifle in target shooting. Courses include safety, gun handling, fundamentals of pistol shooting, maintenance, storage, and a summary of pistol sports and shooting range activities.


Intermediate Courses

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Courses include Drawing from Concealment, Defensive Pistol & Rifle Shooting, Surviving Physical Attacks & Disasters and informative courses covering modern terrorism including the methods of preparation/response, and effective security measures.


Advanced Courses

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Advanced Courses includes courses on Anti-terrorism and Active Shooter Response for Civilians, NRA Pistol Instructor Course, Advanced Hand to Hand techniques, Knife Defense and Fighting in Close Quarters.