Pegasus is designed to present the average citizen with the tools needed to protect themselves. As our nation faces increasing challenges to law enforcement the need is greater for the citizen to be armed and trained in self-protection. Every instructor is prior/current military or retired law enforcement.

Which firearm is the best?

(Put egos aside) the firearm that best fits your needs and physical stature. If it is a pistol, you want to ask these questions of yourself:

  • Do I want it concealed?
  • What caliber can I handle to get the most rounds down range accurately and quickly?
  • How will I secure it on my person and at home?

Do not always rely on gun dealers. Even though most are very helpful a lot will give you preference for themselves and are trying to move products. Once you have answered the questions above then, look for a firearm that meets the need. It is not a one size fits all even though there are those claims. I carry many firearms depending on my need.

What caliber or bullet has the best knock down power?

Great question. I carried a 9mm for years as a cop and I still do today. Ammo manufacturers have come a long way with this round. There are several on the market that have great ballistics. Such as Hydra Shock or Critical Duty by Hornady. Find a good hollow point for protection; even .380 has come a long way.

What is the best holster??

Many manufactures offer great holsters. You want a holster that is comfortable to carry w/ the firearm. I have learned this the hard way. If it is not comfortable you won’t wear it. Does it protect the firearm from coming out while moving and if another person grabs it on your hip? It should be a system to protect the gun from these events.

What is the best home defense weapon?

Again, what is your goal and who is in your home to protect? REMEMBER THIS!!! Know that bullets will go through walls!!! You want a round that will not gather collateral damage if you miss your target. When I evaluated my home defense I went with a 9mm with a light attachment. You must do a head count and know where everyone is before you start shooting in the dark. Either that or the light attachment is the best option.


Basic Courses


Learning basic skills necessary for the safe use of a pistol or rifle in target shooting. Courses include safety, gun handling, fundamentals of pistol shooting, maintenance, storage, and a summary of pistol sports and shooting range activities.


Intermediate Courses

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Courses include Drawing from Concealment, Defensive Pistol & Rifle Shooting, Surviving Physical Attacks & Disasters and informative courses covering modern terrorism including the methods of preparation/response, and effective security measures.


Advanced Courses

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Advanced Courses includes courses on Anti-terrorism and Active Shooter Response for Civilians, NRA Pistol Instructor Course, Advanced Hand to Hand techniques, Knife Defense and Fighting in Close Quarters.