Florida Concealed Weapons Permits Classes
(both resident and non-resident)

In today’s environment you have to react within the first 5-6 seconds. In an active shooter situation most are over before the police arrive. In our CWP classroom course you will receive safety training based on the NRA guidelines. Once you have completed that portion of the course we will provide you with an additional study in the world of reaction to an armed intruder.

You will use the SIRT firearm program we have established to promote muscle memory. In other words, you will draw your SIRT pistol from a holster or purse fire onto the target while the instructor/computer system shows you your hits on the target. Our class provides you with actual situations without the worry of a live fire environment. Most gun ranges cannot allow their patrons to practice drawing from concealed due to insurance risk but our program is safe. No live firearms only SIRT guns which feel, weigh and trigger operation is the same as a Glock 17.

When you complete our class you will leave with everything you need to get your Virginia/Florida CWP.

Price: $100  *including fingerprints and photos

Please call (804) 768-0294 to Reserve Your Seat