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The Virginia Concealed Carry Class both Resident and non-resident

The online basic pistol course is the class for those just entering the world of firearms or those who need to brush up. The Commonwealth of Virginia recognizes the online course and it meets their standard for their Concealed Weapons Permit both resident and non-resident. With VA you can add to your home state’s reciprocity. Our online course will teach you safety with the firearm as well as self defense with a firearm. We also work to help you understand the carry firearm of your choice. We explain the revolver and semi-automatic pistol. Even though not all guns are the same, we give you the best explanation surrounding the two types of firearms. Also, we discuss the way to search for that right handgun to carry.

(This course meets Virginia CWP requirements and may meet your state as well)

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  • Watch each of the following videos starting with Pt. 1 ending with Pt 10. After watching each video click the COMPLETE button, then advance to the next part. The 11th part is a Quiz which you must pass with 100%. After completing all questions click FINISH QUIZ and X to close. After reviewing that you have done all 11 parts, click the FINISH COURSE button at the bottom of the page. You can print out your Certificate from the Student Portal or you can follow the link you will receive by email.


William Blanton