South Carolina Concealed Carry Permit Classes – SC CWP

Our South Carolina concealed carry permit classes are designed to introduce individuals to the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning, carrying and using a pistol safely. The SC concealed weapons permit classes will provide you with the laws for South Carolina, basic weapons nomenclature and the fundamentals of safe shooting while providing the student with the required training to apply for a South Carolina CWP. At the course, Students will learn:

 South Carolina Statutory Case Laws Relating to Handguns and the Use of Deadly Force
 Introduction to Self Defense and Concealed Carry
 Carry Modes and Pistol Concealment
 Firearms Safety
 Weapons Handling
 Fundamentals of Shooting
 South Carolina CWP Proficiency Course of Fire
 Finger printing and photograph provided for application

*Please note: South Carolina CWP class hours may vary. SLED no longer requires a time limit, however, we are required to teach according to SLED guidelines. That being said, we also teach additional self defense tactics in our course, as well as, use of our simulator. SLED requires a written test and a shooting qualification. Night classes are classroom only, a set time between the student and instructor will be established for the second day on the range. Please, note we are flexible and work the range around your schedule. On the second day we will conduct additional instruction before going onto the range.

*Veterans: You are able to take a shorter course due to your service. If you are honorably discharged then you can take the classroom only portion of the class. This is only $50 per student. If you would like to add Utah, Virginia or Florida non-resident then you get a combined class option which will cost you $110 per student.

Price: $100  *including fingerprints and photos
+ bring along 8.00 Range Fee, plus 50 rounds Ammo

Classroom Note: Please print out both of the following forms. COMPLETE the student portions and bring to class. A student number will be assigned to you in class, but only if these forms are filled out by you prior. Again fill out the student portions only.

South Carolina concealed carry permit classes You’ll learn a lot about gun safety and self-defense. You’ll have to go through some pretty extensive firearm training and/or classes in order to apply for your permit. Any questions or hesitations you ever had about guns or gun safety will be answered. You’ll also learn the ins and outs of self-defense. You’ll also learn all about the gun laws of your state. Those around you will also be able to rest assured knowing you have passed the requirements to prove you know how to handle a firearm responsibly.