Utah Concealed Carry Permit Classes Non-Resident

Add more states to your current state’s Concealed Weapons Permit! With Pegasus’ Utah concealed carry permit classes you can do just that. Multiple states are now $135 to include one of each SC, VA and Florida, so if you purchase South Carolina and Utah then you save big bucks.   This is an excellent option to expand your carry rights and your ability to travel armed.

Utah concealed carry permit classes  Basic Handgun Safety and Safe Handling
 General Familiarization in nomenclature, ammunition, and fundamentals of shooting
Utah CWP CFP Utah Criminal and Traffic Codes AND Federal Firearms Regulations
 Administrative Rules and Policy
 Mandated class for a Utah CFP

Price: $100  *including fingerprints and photos

Please call (843) 231-5720 to Reserve Your Seat

Utah Only course is taught with our South Carolina class. Select your class below and then select Utah Only from the pull down before adding it to your shopping cart.

Utah’s Gun Permit Popular With Nonresidents

“I think that all states should be as broad based with reciprocity and as careful as the state of Utah is,” said Mr. Roe, who wants the option of taking his handgun with him when he visits his son in Ohio, both for protection and for target practice. (Ohio does not honor Pennsylvania’s firearm permit.)

With the Supreme Court ruling last week that the Second Amendment’s guarantee of an individual’s right to bear arms applies to state and local laws, Utah is a popular player in Americans’ efforts to legally obtain firearms. The state is issuing what has become the permit of choice for many gun owners.

Fifteen years after the Utah Legislature loosened rules on concealed firearm permits by waiving residency and other requirements, the state is increasingly attracting firearm owners from throughout the country. Nearly half of the 241,811 permits granted by the state are now held by nonresidents, according to the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification, which administers the permits.

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